Massage By Melanie - Come let your stress melt away in a relaxing massage!
Melanie was terrific! Better than I could have imagined.
"Melanie is the real deal!!! Her massage technique is terrific. I get massages regularly but still suffer from muscle spasms and knots in my neck & back which cause horrible headaches. She took her time & worked out each knot she found. She even worked out knots in places I didn't know knots existed. She knows what she is doing & is great at it. Thanks so much Melanie!!!"    ((C.F.))
"Melanie is not only fantastic as a massage therapist, but she is also personable. This was my first massage, and she made it such a comfortable and relaxing experience. My shoulders and neck have never been so wonderfully free of knots before. She even stretched my hips, telling me a few stretches to do at home that would help with the tightness. I will definitely book another appointment."   ((Kimberly C.))
Great first massage by Melanie M.
"This was the first massage I have ever had. I have chronic shoulder pain that has been around for years. After one sixty minute deep tissue massage with Melanie it was looser than I can remember. The office was clean and relaxing. I will be back! "   ((Damon Warren))
"She came in on her day off. She loves her work and it shows. She gives a wonderful massage. She is joyful and friendly. I love having a massage from her. "   ((Steve B.))
Great service
"Melanie did a great job! The atmosphere was clean, appt was on schedule! I would def recommend this place to other people! She helped relieve my pain and it was much needed!"   ((Trisha Gray))
Deep Tissue Massage
"This was one of the best massages I have ever had. Melanie was very thorough. The massage room was very clean and soothing. Thank you!"   ((Kelly T.))
Superior Massage
"Melanie M. gives an outstanding deep tissue massage. One of the best I've ever had. I didn't want it to end."   ((C.C.))
Great massage
"Hands down, one of the best massages I have ever had! I had a lot of knots to work out, and this experience was fantastic. I would definitely recommend, and I will go again. "   ((Erin Sutton))
Thanks Melanie for a great massage
"I enjoyed my massage given by Melanie Markwell. I feel a lot better my muscle has been really tight. Melanie did a great job. I will definitely come back."   ((Julie H.))
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